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Have you seen or heard a curlew in 2024 ?

Have you seen or heard a curlew recently ?  

Was it in the uplands or on farmland this spring ?  If so, it is very likely to be in an area they are settling to breed this year, which is great news.

The number of breeding curlew in Wales has declined during the last 30 years. Knowing where the breeding pairs are is vital in helping work to reverse that decline.

Information on when these iconic birds first return to their breeding grounds is key,  but records of birds throughout the spring and early summer is also very important.  


Curlew return to their upland breeding areas from the beginning of March onwards, with breeding territories established during April before they settle to brood the eggs. From mid-May we are likely to see them chick guarding and alarm calling to protect their young. Birds that are still alarm calling on their breeding grounds towards the end of June or even into July suggest they have young very close to fledging.


For a curlew anywhere in Wales you can record that information with the biological record centre known as Cofnod. Their  website Cofnod - North Wales Environmental Information Service | Home has a dedicated page to record curlew. All records will be passed on to the most relevant person working on curlew in your area of Wales.  

If you are within or near one of the areas listed below you can pass the information straight to:


If you want to know more about the projects working for curlew throughout Wales in 2024 please visit the Blog Pages on this web site.

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